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clinical trial

LMC has received approval from the National Committee for Clinical Research (NCCR), to set up its own Independent Ethics Committee (IEC), in April 2019. We look forward to be actively involved in clinical trials, to further develop healthcare technology and enhance healthcare provision to our community. 

To date, we have 2 clinical trials registered with the National Medical Research Registry (NMRR): 

The Regen Trial is a study on the ‘anti-aging’ and regenerative effects of human mesenchymal stem cell (hMSC) infusion in humans. The aim of the study is to assess both patient safety, as well as, any tangible health benefits from the infusion of hMSCs in humans.

(Please view our Patient information Section for public education materials on general health advice and information, including educational articles regarding cell therapy in humans)

Subjects with advanced cancers deemed refractory to conventional cancer therapy will be enrolled in this study, to assess the safety and efficacy of CytoMed Therapeutic’s patented novel N2D CAR γδ T (CTM-N2D) therapy.

CAR-T Therapy is considered the next frontier of cancer management and has shown much potential in the treatment of advanced blood cancers. However, the cost of available CAR-T Therapy is largely prohibitive for most.

LMC is collaborating with CytoMed Therapeutics (a biotechnology company with a cGMP certified laboratory facility based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia) to locally produce and administer this novel CTM-N2D therapy for both blood and solid tumours.

We envision to provide this new-age CAR-T Therapy, at a much more affordable cost, for our local populace.

Please contact our centre for more information.