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Landmark Medical Centre (LMC), commenced operations in 2005, with Dr Robert Luk Tai Kong as Medical Director and Mdm Nellie Ong Ah Huay in charge of business operations, as Chairperson.



ESTABLISHED as Maternity Home by Dr Robert Luk Tai Kong

Private Hospital Status
Private Hospital Status

Issued Private Hospital Status by Ministry of Health Malaysia & shift to present premises


Establishment Of Independent  Ethics Committee

Present Plans
Present Plans

Present Plans for Expansion

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about us

LMC is located at Level 33B (35th floor) of Menara Landmark Building, in Johor Bahru, offering both outpatient and inpatient healthcare services.  

Our Vision

To be the industry leader in quality medical care provision, in Malaysia, and the region. Our focus will be on the following 3 areas :

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Our Mission


Satisfaction For All – Patients & Staff


Excellence in quality healthcare provision




Value-added Service



What We Do

Medical Services We Provide

Pain relief

Antenatal & Post Natal Care

Antenatal Classes

Inpatient & Outpatient Surgery

General Medical

Examination & Investigations

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)

Laparoscopic/Keyhole Surgery

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(Natural Birth, Labour Epidural and C-Section)

General Paediatric

Examination & Vaccinations

Clinical Research

Vocational Medical

Screening, Blood Tests & Imaging

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Women's Health Services

Cancer Treatment & Care

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Cleft Lip & Palate Repair

Fully sponsored, under collaboration with SmileTrain


Landmark Medical Centre (LMC) began operations in 2005. As we approach 15 years of existence, LMC is  committed to enhance our healthcare provision to the local populace and the region at large.

LMC will be embarking on restructuring our medical centre into a dedicated, patient-centred, ‘boutique’ healthcare  facility, where our uncompromising focus will be on patient well-being and satisfaction. It is our desire that  patients will feel right at home, whilst seeking medical treatment at LMC, even during their most ill of days.

In this era where medical technology is rapidly advancing, LMC aspires to be right in the mix, to ensure our  patients receive access to the latest medical therapies and interventions. To this end, LMC has established an  Independent Ethics Committee (IEC), sanctioned by the National Committee for Clinical Research (NCRR),  to encourage and facilitate clinical trials within our Hospital facility.

In the last year, we have established an outpatient plastic surgery department and will be looking to continue to expand our medical services in the near future. We have also registered 2 phase 1 clinical trials on cellular therapy, with the National Malaysian Research Registry (NMRR) and are currently awaiting ethics approval.

I believe exciting times are on our horizon and the most important pieces of any organisation are its people. I will  like to take this opportunity to thank all staff who make the daily functions of our healthcare facility possible. As  we move forward, I look forward to seeing our organisation grow in tandem, as we strive to place LMC at the  forefront of Medical Healthcare provision in Malaysia.


LMC Board

Our Hospital Directors

Mdm Nellie

Mdm Nellie Ong Ah Huay

Person In-Charge & Hospital Director

Louisa Luk

Dr Louisa Luk Tien Sze

Hospital Director

Lucas Luk

Dr Lucas Luk Tien Wee

Hospital Licensee & Medical Director Consultant OBGYN

Lincoln Luk

Dr Lincoln Luk Tien Wen

Hospital Director

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