Expansion Plans For


expansion plan

Strategic Planning by Oncology Practices Can Provide a Roadmap to a Thriving Future and we are constantly working hard to achieve it. Below are our plans in different stage:



Short Term Plans

Partnership with  CytoMed Therapeutics  in establishing Clinical  Cancer trials.

(A Phase 1 Clinical Trial on  CAR-T Immunotherapy has  been registered in Malaysia.  Research ID: NMRR-19-2594-50743)

Recruitment of Resident  Oncologist &  Haematology  Oncologist.

Increase public  awareness of Novel  Cancer Immunotherapy.

Improve Publicity  Efforts

Long Term Plans

Development of  Cancer-centric  health facility in  Johor Bahru, with  advanced  diagnostics & niche  area in novel  immunotherapy.

Develop Palliative  Oncology, for  palliative patients




Staff Training & Development

Public Educational Forums  on CAR-T Cancer Therapy

Recruitment of  oncologist(s) & access to  latest cancer technology

Brand Consolidation &  Expansion (2020-2021)

Publicity & Promotion of

Medical Tourism.  Main draws:

(i)Strategic Location

(ii)Lower costs

(iii) Quality Healthcare